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  • LionSteel "T.R.E. FC" Folding Knife. Titanium Frame. Black Carbon Fiber Handle. Steel Blade. LS7.

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    LionSteel "T.R.E. FC" Three Rapid Exchange Knife.**

    T.R.E. is the E.D.C. (Every Day Carry) folding knife which offers the maximum flexibility thanks for the three different opening ways, made possible by the patented Three Rapid Exchange system:

    1) with flipper, for a quick opening 2) Thumb Stud, with opening pin on the blade 3) basic versione, without additional devices. Very lightweight and small-sized, it's a perfect pocket instrument, ideal for everyday adventures.

    1) it features a satin-finished M390 sintered steel blade.

    2) it is provided with frame lock blade locking system, and the exclusive IKBS opening and closing mechanism with allows a smooth and quick action.

    3) frame, clip and spaces are made in 6AI4V titanium, while scales are available either in 6AI4V titanium or in carbon fibre.

    Designed by Molletta, T.R.E. is sold in an elegant wooden box, which also contains the opening pin, the flipper and the T6/T8 keys needed to install and remove accessories.

    Total length: 175 mm. - 6.89 in. Blade length: 74 mm. - 2.91 in.

    Blade thickness: 3.5 mm. - 0.14 in.

    Total weight: 67 gr. - 2.36 oz.

    Blade steel: M390 sintered steel. Blade finish: Stone washed.

    Locking system: Frame lock.

    Frame: Titanium 6AI4V.

    Handle material: Black Carbon fibre.