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  • LionSteel SR1DR G Damascus Italian Folding Knife, "Raindrop" Patterned Damascus Blade, Solid Piece of Titanium Body, Original Version. LS5

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    Lionsteel SR1DR G Damascas  Italian Outstanding Folding Knife proudly manufactured by LionSteel in its factory in Maniago, Italy.  Built with a 5 Gram SOLID Ti6Al4V monolithic body fitted with frame lock made with a solid piece of Titanium, milled with machining stations.  It has a "Rotoblock" Safety System patented by Lionsteel; a simple rotation of the Rotoblock fixes the blade in Open position.  It is equipped with a tool for adjusting the blade's tension and, with the same tool, for moving the clip from one side of the knife to the other.  The Screw Clip is equipped with a glass breaker.   It comes with a nice wooden box, supplied with a clip and control key, that fits into a cardboard inset cover.

    This is the Original Version of this knife.

    Handle:  Titanium, Grey Matt Color.

    Blade:  "Raindrop" Patterned Stainless Damascus by Chad Nichols USA.

    Closed 4.5".  Open 8.31".