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  • LionSteel LionBeat Heart Shaped Olive Wood Keychain or Pendant Folding Knife, Olive Wood Handle, Stainless Steel Blade

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    LionSteel Lion Beat Heart Shaped Olive Wood Keychain or Pendant Folding Knife.  Ladies, this is for you!!  Folding knife proudly manufactured by LionSteel in its factory in Maniago, Italy.  This knife is a small accessory belonging to the "Solid Knife" family.  The handle is Olive Wood, to which the blade is attached.  It is an all around object as it can be used as a keychain, as a pendant for a necklace (.49oz), and as an accessory for a purse.  Small, lightweight and stylish and it's a real knife which, thanks to its lightness and to the AISI 440 Stainless Steel Blade, is ideal for a variety of different tasks.  Comes in a rally clever cardboard container with a gold elasticized tie.  Use your own chain or go to "Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Bracelets and Necklaces, 18" Sterling Silver Chain" on this website if you wish to purchase a chain.

    Overall Length:  1.65"

    Blade Length:    1.10"