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  • LAGUIOLE en AUBRAC Folding Knife. Decorative Solid Horn Handle. 12 cm. Shiny Finish Stainless Steel Blade. L63.

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    LAGUIOLE en AUBRAC. Folding Knife entirely hand made by Laguiole en Aubrac in Southern France and assembled from start to finish in one sequence by a single master craftsman, in the pure Laguiole tradition. The famous "BEE", the symbol of quality and prestige that adorns the spring of the blade, and the spring are forged from one piece. The spring is polished on the inside. Shaping and fitting are done by hand and to the craftsman's eye. THIS EXQUISITE DECORATIVE HANDLE IS SOLID HORN. BLADE IS HIGH QUALITY 12C27 SHINY FINISH "SANDVIK" STAINLESS STEEL. The design on top of the handle is hand engraved.  Comes in a nice wooden box. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL 1-602-677-6126.

    HANDLE:  Decorative Solid Horn.

    BLADE:  12C27 Shiny Finish "Sandvik" Stainless Steel.

    DIMENSIONS  4-5/8" closed.  8-1/2" open. 12 cm.