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  • Goyon-Chazeau Styl'ver French Handmade Folding Knife. Black Cape Buffalo Horn Handle. 12C27 Stainless Steel Blade. GC6.

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    GOYON-CHAZEAU Styl'ver French Folding Knife.  Reference: 2037002 Croute De Buffle Noir.  GOYON-CHAZEAU is a third generation family company, located in Thiers, France since the 1950s.  It has been granted by an EPV (Living Heritage Company) for it's unique expertise of stainless steel welding and forged knives manufacturing.  All are one hundred per cent  FRENCH HANDMADE with materials that all come from Thiers, the capital city for French cutlery industry for more than six centuries.  This "Sytl'ver" shape knife has been ergonomically designed and patterned by GOYON-CHAZEAU.  It has been inspired by the curve of hand palm to fit perfectly in the hands.  The Icon on the back of the knife refers to an "S";  this "S" not only means Sytl'ver but also Style which reminds of its nice contemporary style.  This folding knife is entirely hand made.  Comes with a soft leather pouch.

    Handle:   Black Cape Buffalo Horn.

    Forged Hardened Blade:  12C27 Stainless  Steel.  Full Blade cutting edge.  Matt Finish.

    Spring:  Forged with handmade chiseling.  

    Dimensions:  Open 215mm-8-1/2"".  Closed 110mm-4-3/4".