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  • Balaam by Monica Zamora Cuff Bracelet. 925 Sterling Silver with a Unique Scratched Finish. Azurite Gemstone. Hand Forged. Cuff Width Size 5/8". BD1.

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    Balaam by Monica Zamora Cuff Bracelet.  925 Sterling Silver with a unique scratched finish which gives the bracelet a softer and more matte looking finish with a beautiful Azurite Gemstone.  Due to the metal being hollow it is extremely light.  A great way to have some substance without the weight!  This is a signed piece.  Monica's Sterling Silver line of work has a contemporary feel to it that combines traditional influences with modern European and American flare.  Each unique piece is completely original and hand forged.  If you are looking for an edgy piece of jewelry, Balaam jewelry is the perfect choice!

    Cuff Width Size: 5/8".

    Stone Inset Area:  3/4" x 1-3/8".