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  • Vintage Dragonware, Moriage Pottery, 13 Piece Tea Set. Cups are Geisa Litophane. Japanese Porcelain.

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    Vintage Dragonware, Moriage Pottery, 13 Piece Tea Set.  Dragonware is a term used to describe Japanese porcelain items with a raised or moulded decoration mostly depicting an oriental dragon.  They are created with a cake frosting type of decoration called "Moriage" in which a slip clay has been applied for three-dimensional effect.  Moriage pottery is not glazed so it has a matte finish.   The 5 cups are "Geisha Lithophane", which is a photo of a face of a Geisha on the inside bottom of the cups.  Porcelain of this type dates from the end of the 19th century until the mid 20th century.  The exact date of this set is unknown, BUT this set is from my father-in-laws estate and he purchased it when he was in the US Navy and stationed in Japan in the late 1940s to early 1950s.  These are in great condition, just a few tiny chips on the paint from stacking as shown in the photos; otherwise just normal aging.  UNMARKED.

    Teapot:  7-1/2" tall including lid; 7-1/2" wide including handle and spout;  2-1/2" diameter base.

    Creamer:  3-1/4" tall; 4-1/4" wide including handle; 2-1/4" diameter base.

    Sugar:  4-1/2" tall including lid; 5" wide including handles;  2-1/4" diameter base.

    5 Teacups:  2-1/8" tall;  3-1/8" wide  including handle;  2-3/8" diameter opening;  1-3/8"  diameter base.

    5 Saucers:  4-3/4" diameter.