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  • Swaziland Handmade Black Sisal Disk Earrings, 2-1/2" Long. TS10.

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    Beautiful Handmade Sisal Jewelry Manufactured Wholly in Swaziland.  This Handwoven Jewelry is lovingly handcrafted by women in the mountains of Northern Swaziland and centers around the use of Sisal, a sustainable natural weed that grows wild in Swaziland, that is hand dyed in many colors.  Only a select few weavers have the skill and talent to create this intricately woven miniature disk jewelry.  All of the pieces vary slightly due to the nature of handmade jewelry.

    Black Color Sisal Disks Drop Earring, 2-1/2" long.  Disks are approximately 5/8" diameter.