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  • Rapti Fashion Reversible Cashmere Buckle Shawl. Multi Colored. Handmade. RF4.

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    Rapti Fashion.  Fair Trade & Hand Made Shawls and Scarfs from Nepal and India.  Silky, soft pure Cashmere.

    A combination of style, elegance and luxury.     

    Reversible Cashmere Buckle Shawl with a fabric tab or "buckle" on one shoulder where you can pull the opposite side of the shawl into it to keep yourself covered.  Since the shawl is reversible (with the same pattern but a different color tone), there is a tab or "buckle" on the inside as well. 

    Multi Colored Reversible PSC Shawl 34.

    Medium length:  Back is approximately 30" long.

    100% Cashmere.

    Dry Clean Only.