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  • Rapti Fashion Reversible Cashmere Buckle Shawl. Deep Jewel Toned Turquoise and Black. Handmade. RF2.

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    Rapti Fashion.  Fair Trade & Hand Made Shawls and Scarfs from Nepal and India.  Silky, soft pure Cashmere.

    A combination of style, elegance and luxury.     

    Reversible Cashmere Buckle Shawl with a fabric tab or "buckle" on one shoulder where you can pull the opposite side of the shawl into it to keep yourself covered.  Since the shawl is reversible, there is a tab or "buckle" on the inside as well. 

    Deep Jewel Toned Turquoise  and Black Reversible PSC Shawl C.

    Medium length:  Back is approximately 30" long.

    100% Cashmere.

    Dry Clean Only.