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  • "Primitive" Italian Cutlery Knife, Polished Finish

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    "Primitive" Cutlery knife by Berkel (formerly Del Ben Coltellerie), Italy. This is a must in your kitchen!! Italian designer Michele Daneluzzo took inspiration from stone age flint tools to create this eye catching minimalist cutlery knife.  Crafted from one petal shaped piece of Stainless Steel, it serves as a versatile knife for chopping and slicing vegetable, herbs, fish and meats and can be sharpened like a common kitchen knife.  Instead of a handle it has a contoured top ridge which serves as the ergonomic hand grip.  The shape slims towards the front and bottom to create a razor sharp cutting edge. It stores upright on a pebble like stand.  "Polished" finish.  8-3/4" x 2-3/4".  9.7 oz.  Comes in a nice cardboard box.