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  • M. NIETO Spanish Handmade Certified one-of-a-kind Folding Knife. Hand Engraved Stainless Steel Blade. Curly Birchwood Handle. Cape Buffalo Bolster. N5.

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    M. NIETO Spanish one of a kind handmade folding knife.  M. Nieto is located in Albacete, Spain which is about 120 KM Southeast of Madrid. Albacete is a town with a history of cutlery manufacture since the 16th century. M. NIETO brand is a synonym of tradition and quality with modern design.  MIGUEL MIETO S.L.CERTIFIES THAT THIS ONE-OF-A-KIND KNIFE HAS BEEN MANUFACTURED INSIDE ITS INSTALLATIONS IN SPAIN AND IS ENTIRELY HANDMADE, FINISHED BY THEIR CRATSMEN, BEING NO. 1 OF 1 OF A LIMITED EDITION.  Handle is Curly Birch Wood. Bolster is Cape Buffalo Horn with a Stainless Steel ring inlay and a red separator.   This is an exquisite AN-58 Stainless Steel Blade that has a delicate hand engraved pattern.. The Spacer, Spine and top of the blade are all beautifully hand decorated. 4" CLOSED. 7" OPEN. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a nice black velvet lined gift box. ANY QUESTIONS CALL 1-602.677.6126.   

    REGULAR PRICE:  $499.99.  REDUCED PRICE:  $299.99.

    Handle:  Curly Birch Wood.

    Bolster:  Cape Buffalo Horn.

    Blade:  Hand engraved on AN-58 Stainless Steel.

    Spacer, Spine, Top of Blade:  Hand decorated.

    Dimensions:  Closed 4".  Open 7".