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  • LionSteel "TiDust Titanium" Folding Knife, Made Using Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), #63 of 100 Piece Limited Editiion

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    This is a very special knife!!  LionSteel "TiDust Titanium" was created from the union of artisan traditions and aerospace technology.  LionSteel created the world's first folding knife made using Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing).  Selective laser melting blasts layers of Titanium powder with a laser thus hardening only small portions!  This particular type of production makes it possible to create the handle by fusing and molding Grade 5 Titanium microspheres into a 3D product.  The pivot rides on IK bearings for smooth action and the double spring lock back mechanism ensures greater flexibility and improved durability of the locking system.  Comes in an elegant Black Velvet Box with Black Silk Lining ALONG WITH a Handsome Black Leather Case.

    The creation of this manufacturing jewel resulted in LionSteel winning the illustrious "Manufacturing Quality Award" at the 2014 Blade Show.

    "TiDust" is part of a 100 piece Limited Edition of which this Knife is #63. 

    Handle:  SOLID Grade 5 Titanium, and includes a tungsten carbide glass breaker.

    Blade:  Sleipner Uddeholm Steel hardened to 60-61 HRC.

    Blade Length: 90 mm.  Blade Thickness: 4.5 mm.  Overall: 205 mm.