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  • LionSteel TS-1 TiSpine Damascus, TS1DL GS, Italian Folding Knife. Grey Shine Solid Titanium Handle, "Lizard" Patterned Damascus Blade. LS2.

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    Lionsteel TS-1 TiSpine Damascus, TS1DL GS, Italian Folding Knife. **REDUCED PRICE $399.99**  REGULAR PRICE $449.99*The Handle on this Knife is really Unique as seen in the photo showing the solid block of Titanium and progressing to the finished Handle!!  Beautiful Patterned Damascus SOLID Titanium Folding Knife with Frame Lock System proudly manufactured by LionSteel in its factory in Maniago, Italy.  The SOLID 6AL4V Titanium handle is machined with a four-centerline station which makes it possible to achieve perfect ergonomics across the entire handle.  Comes in elegant Plexiglas Tube to showcase the seamless Titanium finish.  The Tube then comes in a nice protective cardboard container.

    Handle:  SOLID 6AL4V Grey Shine Titanium.

    Blade:  "Lizard" Patterned Damascus produced by Chad Nichols, USA.

    Open 7-1/2".  Closed 4-1/2".