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  • Leather Leaf on Lace Mesh Ladies Jacket by Dakota West Leathers. Midnight Blue Leather Leaf on Black see through Lace Mesh. V Neck with Rhinestones. Zipper Front. Large. 22" long. DW6L MIDNIGHT BLUE.

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    Dakota West Leathers creates unique leather jackets.  ***MSRP:  $250.00.  OUR PRICE: $125.00*** 

    These awesome stylish jackets are made in Istanbul, Turkey and all are made of genuine Turkish lamb skin which is one of the softest leathers in the world.  They are handmade and hand cut and sewn onto a stretch of high quality Black lace mesh fabric which is transparent (see through).  These photos are taken on a White background, but you can change the look depending on the color of item worn underneath.  Dakota West prides itself on creating quality unique items that can be enjoyed through every season. 

    Depending on the size of the jacket it weighs around 200 grams, making it extremely light weight-and when folded properly takes up minimal space when travelling.

    ***If a leaf is wrinkled place a piece of brown paper bag on top of the leaf and iron with a moderately heated iron.  MAKE SURE THE IRON IS NOT TOO HOT!!  DO NOT USE ANY VAPOR OR WATER!!*** 

    Midnight Blue Leather Leaf.  V Neck with Rhinestones. Zipper Front. 

    Size: LARGE. 

    MEASUREMENTS:  Back 15.6".  Chest 21".  Waist 19".  Sleeve Length 23".  Jacket Length 22". 

    A good way to determine if this jacket is your size simply button/zip closed one of your existing non-stretch jackets that fits properly, lay it on a flat surface and measure it in the Back, Chest and Waist areas as shown by the pink arrows on the 3 sizing photos.