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  • 925 Sterling Silver Charivari Heavy Chain Necklace with 2 Solid Sterling Silver Pendants-an Argali and an Antler. German Hand Made. UNISEX. Chain is 23.6" length.

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    925 Sterling Silver Charivari (pronounced "schariwari") heavy chain necklace hand made by German Artisan Hans-Peter Moser in Old World Craftsmanship.  Charivari is a piece of traditional Bavarian Jewelry made of solid Silver adorned with animal charms/pendants, and owning one was a status symbol in the 19th Century.  This Charivari is solid 925 Sterling Silver with a hanging eye for the 2 solid 925 Sterling Silver Pendants:  1 Argali Head (mountain sheep) Pendant and 1 Antler Pendant.  THIS IS THE LAST OF THESE UNIQUE PIECES.  THERE WILL NOT BE ANY AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE.  Comes in a lovely black and caramel colored gift box with black foam interior.   UNISEX.  

    CHAIN:  60 CM (23.6") length.  Links are 1/4" diameter.

    CLASP:  Lobster Claw. 

    ARGALI:  1-3/4" wide and it adds 1-3/4" to the chain length.

    ANTLER:  Approximately 1" wide and it adds 3" to the chain length.