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  • 925 Sterling Silver Charivari Heavy Chain Necklace with a Solid Sterling Silver Fox Head Pendant. German Hand Made. UNISEX. Chain is 23.6" length.

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    925 Sterling Silver Charivari (pronounced "schariwari") heavy chain necklace hand made by German Artisan Hans-Peter Moser in Old World Craftsmanship.  Charivari is a piece of traditional Bavarian Jewelry made of solid Silver adorned with animal charms/pendants, and owning one was a status symbol in the 19th Century.  This Charivari is solid 925 Sterling Silver with a hanging eye for the solid 925 Sterling Silver Fox Head Pendant.  AND you can add your own charms or pendants to this necklace.  THIS IS THE LAST OF THESE UNIQUE PIECES.  THERE WILL NOT BE ANY AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE.  Comes in a lovely black and caramel colored gift box with black foam interior.   UNISEX.  

    CHAIN:  60 CM (23.6") length.  Links are 1/4" diameter.

    CLASP:  Lobster Claw.

    FOX HEAD:  3/4" wide and it adds 2-1/2" to the chain length.